Is Drone Delivery Available In North Carolina?

Yes, Drone Delivery Is Available In North Carolina as a Test

What is drone delivery?

Drone delivery is a method of transporting goods using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), commonly known as drones to customers. In several experimental tests, retailers and drone delivery companies are loading packages or goods onto a drone, which then flies to the delivery destination like a customers home residence. The drone uses GPS, sensors, and other systems to ensure that it reaches the correct location and will often land and detach the package or drop it down while mid-flight from it’s fuselage or lowered down on a wire system.

Drone delivery can offer several benefits, such as faster delivery times than ground based transportation, lower delivery costs and reduced carbon emissions compared to other methods. However, since drone delivery is still relatively new, it’s subject to regulation by aviation authorities to ensure safety and security and isn’t fully approved in many places. Additionally, the weight and size of packages that can be delivered by drones are limited by the battery capacity and flight time that drones currently have.

Is Drone Delivery Available in North Carolina?

Yes, drone delivery is available in North Carolina. Flytrex is a company that focuses on delivering food by making use of flying drones. The company declared a new expansion that will ensure that it can deliver to more than 100,000 customers in neighborhoods around Holly Springs, Fayetteville, and Raeford.

Which Companies Currently Offer Drone Delivery in This State?

 Flytrex offers drone delivery in North Carolina. In March 2022, Flytrex expanded its service from North Carolina to Granbury in Texas. This is just outside of Dallas-Fort Worth. It was in July 2022 that Flytrex opened its fifth operational station, launching in Durham, North Carolina, alongside established stations in Raeford, Fayetteville, and Holly Springs.

Which Cities or Locations Have it Available in This State?

Drone delivery service is available in all of Flytrex’s U.S. locations, which for now are: Fayetteville, North Carolina, Holly Springs, North Carolina, Raeford, North Carolina, Granbury, Texas. 

How Much Does it Cost?

For now, Flytrex drone deliveries are free to customers regardless of the product that is delivered.

How Does it Work?

The drone delivery service is available in the US suburbs. A wide range of products are available, including Chinese takeout and morning coffee. All these can be delivered instantly to your backyard. Customers can make the most of aviation-grade certified drones to deliver their goods directly to their backyard, there is no need for driving or 6 pm traffic.

All you need is to download the app and register your backyard. Then, you can place your order by simply selecting the restaurant and items of your choice and checking out. After this, your order will be prepared and attached to the drone. So, you can relax and sit back while tracking your order in-app as it makes its way to your delivery point. Your order will be gently lowered to the ground, and the drone will automatically fly back instantly.

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